e-Marketing – Starting Your New Career

How to start a new career as an Internet Marketer and the many different opportunities in e-Marketing
One of the most significant work sectors you won’t hear about on the news channel or see in your job searches is in e-Marketing. Opportunities Online are growing every day as more people on the planet gain access to the Internet. Did you know that there are more people with a cell phone than those with a toothbrush? I was surprised too! Mobile marketing is most likely the fastest growing area of Making Money Online right now.

So how do you start a new career online? Even if you’re experienced or new to the Internet Marketing experience, you probably know someone who has used the Internet to make money in some fashion already. Starting a career though can seem like a monumental task, I’m here to help. Working in the e-Marketing field is nothing like any other career you have now or previously. Starting a career in I.M. can give you instant earnings but replacing your current paycheck will take time for you to build your business.

How much time? It’s all up to you, and when you get that “aha” moment of success, that’s only the start!
Make the first step!

I am a big believer in research, but not just for research sake! What type of business do you want and how much of your budget can you devote to it in getting started? Some of the biggest success stories were made from sticking with attempts for many months or even years. One of my mentors was a Pepsi truck driver continually trying to make money online for years. Finally, something he was doing worked and as he built up that online business he was able to quit his job and started Making Money Online full time!

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So what are some of the opportunities on the web?Are you a creative writer? The new journalism is on the web but not in the traditional means. Take a look at these sites iWriter.com, Elance.com, and Fiverr.com. Where you can write articles for web publishers, websites, sales ad copy, content writing and find more jobs than you could handle. If you have a writing background or even just like writing for fun you can make plenty on these sites! One of the writer specialists I use has earned over $300,000 from one of these sites!

Know how to build a WordPress or Blogger site? Find the subject of interested readers and engage them in your conversations. An engaged number of readers that trust you and your opinions will also buy things you recommend.

These are just the tip of so many opportunities to be found online, affiliate marketing, blog sites, freelance web work all are a means to Make Money Online. I will caution you that none of these things are so easy you can make tons of money overnight. Anything good requires work, dedication and a good plan.

So you’re going to do this, here’s a plan to help you do it. Set some short term goals that you can achieve within a short amount of time. Take some freelancing jobs from one of the sites I’ve mentioned and started building or adding to your budget. Always strive to learn more and gain experience in online marketing. Get as much free training that you can; this is a priority. Online you can find everything you might need for your company. Yes, I am assuming you will pick an online field that excites you and relates in some way to some experience you already have.

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