How To Choose A Proper Article Title

An Article Title acts like an introduction for your article. The ultimate purpose of an Article Title is to draw people towards your article, generate interest and get them look deep inside what you have to offer and say to one and all on a particular topic. Upon choosing a title, one needs to ensure the best possible optimum results. Here are important steps to be followed for framing effective article titles .


THINK SMART – Always, when framing a title, try to think out of the box and think smart as well – so that it captures everyone’s attention and invokes some expressions such as “wow! Awesome!” etc.

WRITE ARTICLE FIRST – Remember, write your article first and then form your title – so that you will have a much better idea about the entire content and then can form a suitable title in a lucid manner

FINALISE YOUR TARGET AUDIENCE – If you have not decided upon your target audience during the writing of your article, you get a second chance while framing your title – a chance to think twice.

KISS TECHNIQUE – Keep It Short and Simple – well, keep it to the point and avoid lengthy titles –so that the reader understands the title in the shortest possible time and there is no ambiguity at all.

KEYWORD ORIENTED – Incorporate keywords into your tile for best SEO results – so that your article title comes on the top of the page ranks when search engines churn out results on a daily basis.

CREATE A BUZZ – Your title should be able to create a buzz among the readers and in the internet marketing circles at a rapid pace – something similar to a chain effect like viral marketing technique.

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CONVEY VALID MESSAGE – Ensure that your title goes on to convey a valid meaning and message and helps the customer in forming an instant opinion about the product or service quite effectively

FINALIZE YOUR TARGET AUDIENCE – Finalizing your target audience will give clarity to your title – this will help you in framing clear and concise article titles that carve a niche market among competition.

MAKE IT CATCHY – See to it that your title remains catchy and captures the imagination of readers.

GET INTO THE AUDIENCE SHOES – Read your article from the target audience point of view.

RE-READ YOUR ARTICLE – Read your article once again by which a suitable title may strike you.

MAKE IT TRENDY – See to it that your article title is quite trendy too, keeping up with today’s times.

UNIQUENESS AND FLOW – Ensure a proper flow and make sure your title is unique in the web.

DO NOT OFFEND – Your article title should be framed in such a way that it should not offend anybody.

PARAMETERS AND RULES – All article sites and press release sites have stringent parameters and rule sets to be followed for titles – for example, your title should not have a dollar symbol, should avoid adult content, should not have direct promotion and likewise, should not contain numerical value, should avoid punctuations, commas etc.–therefore, make sure to follow the parameters and rules.

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