How To Install WordPress In Seconds On Your Computer

WordPress, one of the blogging platform and now more than 30% websites around the world got powered by this awesome software. I started my blogging journey with Blogger and very soon I realized that Blogger is not a platform for future so I switch over to WordPress immediately.

When I started my WordPress journey I was not aware more about the local installation and other technical info. After reading lot o other blogs and books helped me to reach here. Today we are covering the basic WordPress installation steps on your windows computer.

Step 1:  Download the Instant WordPress Application (This will be the easiest and quickest way to install WordPress on your local computer).Download it from here.

Instant WordPress Application coming with the entire needful things for WordPress .It comes with basic WordPress software, Apache 2.2.15 (Win32), PHP 5.3.2, MySQL 5.1.46-community-nt.

Step 2: Double click on the InstantWP setup file that you downloaded from above link.

Step 3 : Choose select your installation folder on your computer by clicking the Browse button.

Step4 : Finally click the install button. Your WordPress installation is now ready to use. You can access it by visiting .

I’m really thankful to the developers of this application, because few months before there is no such quick way to install WordPress on our local computer. New Blogger’s always faced many difficulties installing local WordPress account. Instant WordPress made it simple and simple for every one.

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