How to make your blog page SEO friendly

I hope all of you may be blogged at least once with any free platforms like word press or blogger. I definitely go for word press because of the simplicity and customization options available with word press. Search engine optimized webpage means more traffic to your blog and more money on your pocket.

How can you optimize your blog page?

There are too many methods to optimize your blog page, like commenting on other blogs, forum posting, add signature on your business card, speak abut it with your friends and colleagues etc today I am taking about title and meta description tag importance.

When Search engine robots and spiders crawling the web they must consider indexing your blog. For this you need a better page optimization. If they index your blog to the World Wide Web means getting more readers to your blog. Here comes the title tag more important. One important thing is that your web page /blog page should be relevant for the search terms that you are looking to optimize.

Add Title and Meta description tags to your blog page

Title tag determines the name of your blog/website. It should be in the <title></title>in the <head> area of your page code. The researched keyword must be used in title tag of your blog page. The Meta description of your page will be shown along with title tags in the search engine query results, so you must have a good Meta description tag for your blog page. High click through rate from search engine definitely going to make big impact on your blog page traffic. Also make sure your content got some text in it, including your targeted keywords.

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In my coming post’s I will add more about Meta tags.

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