How to Transfer Pictures From iPhone to iPhone using iCloud?

The photos and pictures taken on the iPhone are really good, as it provides one of the best camera phones available in the market. iPhone provides a high quality of photos and these photos are as good as the photos taken by high-quality DSLR. People share photos through many different social media sites, but in those sites, the picture quality gets decreased as they share the photos. How to Transfer Pictures from iPhone to iPhone is an important task to know as the user needs to transfer photos from one iPhone to other.


How to transfer pictures from iPhone to iPhone

When you try to share with other iPhone it is also very difficult as there are different platforms through which you can share the photos and pictures. iPhone photos can be shared with other iPhones with iCloud and iTunes. iPhone photos are one of a kind because photos clicked with iPhone are one of the best photographs that we can get on phones.

Transfer photos from iPhone to iPhone using iTunes

Whenever the user tries to share songs on from one iPhone to another through the iTube, the user can only send pictures from iPhone to iPhone which are taken by the iPhone camera. The other photos such as the photos stored in the iCloud, photos transfer from the computer, the photos shared with others are not included in the sharing. And iTunes will transfer the files and will automatically transfer the iTunes library data to the old iPhone.

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How to transfer photos from iPhone to iPhone using Airdrop 

  • To transfer photos from iPhone to iPhone the user needs to have both the phones at least iOS 7.
  • Both the iPhones need to have Airdrop app on.
  • Select the photos that you want to share.
  • There will be an option with whom you want to share the photos.
  • Select the option with whom you want to share then share with them.

How to share photos from iPhone to iPhone using iCloud

iCloud is one of the most important features of the iPhone, if you create an ID on iPhone then you can connect to your all other Apple appliances through that ID. iCloud help in storing the data that you want to store in your iPhone devices by syncing the iPhone ID with iCloud the users can create files and store all the data of the iPhone and all other Apple devices to iCloud. iCloud helps in transferring these data whenever the users want to transfer a file from iPhone to iPhone, they can transfer data by using iCloud.

  • Both the iPhone needs to be iOS 8.3 or higher.
  • iCloud library of both the phones needs to be on.
  • The user needs to log in with same Apple ID on both the iPhones.
  • Fast internet connection is needed for the transfer of the file from iPhone to iPhone.
  • The storage is a very important factor in the transfer of files or photos, so the user needs to make sure that there is enough storage to store files.
  • Then go to the settings on the iPhone and click on your account then tap on the photos that you want to transfer.
  • Click on to the iCloud photo library and select on.
  • Then click and select the optimization storage and then select the download and keep the original option.
  • It might take time to transfer and get uploaded to the iCloud library but the files and photos will be transferred.
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