Portable Wireless Router : Which is the right one for me?

It’s very rare that we get consumer grade routers like the Aluratek 3G USB Cellular Portable Wireless Router. The one reason I bought the Linksys unit before is because that unit that can be lobotomized so you can run DD-WRT with it. I had a special purpose for buying that Linksys unit. If not for this special need, I wouldn’t be buying a router since most of what’s available in the market can really make users pull out their hair because of these units being short of functionality and their instability issues.

While the Aluratek 3g portable wireless USB cellular router model (under our scrutiny now) does not possess all the things that I’d like to have in a wireless router portable unit, it has sufficient features and it is very stable enough for me to recommend it. It may not be the best portable wireless router that we can find but I think it’s worth the money.

This wireless internet router unit is a somewhat a hybrid of the usual travel modem router and the MiFi. This device is actually more of a Cradlepoint unit. With this unit, you will have to supply the 3G or the 4G dongle. However, you will be happy about its compatibility with many USB dongles from different providers, assuming that the modem you are using is one of the items in the list of compatible modems. This router supports a big list of internet modems, so it’s highly likely that your modem is supported.

The same way with MiFi, this Aluratek unit is powered by a battery. But unlike similar routers, battery charging is done with the use of wall wort. I asked the manufacturers of this unit if charging is possible with the use of USB, but they said it’s not. However, users can you this wireless cable router unit plugged in so that’s already a strong point in favor of this device. Compatible With Windows And Mac Settings

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This router’s setup disk accommodates both the Windows and the Mac settings. I use Mac and this router works incredibly well for Mac. The instructions were only for the Windows setting but since I am a person who is really good at networking, I was able to configure this router for Mac sans instructions in the manual. Configuring was pretty easy.Supports Both 3G And 4G

This router actually supports both 3G and 4G dongles, even though 4G is not included in the router’s name. But you have to know the username/password and the dial string of your 3G or 4G provider. Otherwise, it will be very difficult for you to make the system work.
Removable Battery

Portable Wireless RouterThe battery is removable, which implies that this router can be used in the manner one uses a MiFi. The battery has roughly four hours of life. I do keep this router in my bag for a long time without bothering to have it charged. I use this router periodically and I had never experienced running out of battery power.

As I said no one can get a perfect router that can satisfy a hundred percent. This Aluratek model may not be the best and it has flaws of its own but these insufficiencies are not enough for me not to recommend it.

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