Top Best Free Unblocked Music Sites 2019 at School, College and Work Places

Unblocked Music Sites at School

Everyone loves to listen to music, and I am sure you too. You love to listen to music all the time, but as a student of a school, university or as an employee you cannot listen to your favorite music in your school, university or workplaces because all the music sites are blocked. Most of the school and offices are under the impression that entertainment websites affect performances of their student or employee. That is the reason why they block all the entertainment-related websites from their server. That means you cannot listen to your favorite music when you are at your school, university or in your office.Best-Free-Unblocked-Music-Sites-2019

Music is something to which everyone admires and loves invariably. Irrespective of culture, tradition and political boundaries it is music that binds every human being and provides great mental satisfaction. Anyone, invariably around the globe loves some form of music and its wonderful enjoying. The taste of music is cherished by all ranging from a kid of eight years to an old octogenarian. Music is a healer, a soother and a revitalizer that rejuvenates the soul and motivates the body. Moreover, practically it is the only art form where we can get all the expressions of the human mind that is we can get music perfectly blended to our mind state at that instant. Be it on a journey, on a picnic, party, festival or anything it is music to which everyone adheres and connected emotionally and mentally.

The way these blocking works is pretty simple. Your administrator just lists all the popular sites, and then they block those sites. Here I am presenting you a list of best free unblocked music sites which are not that popular, and the chances are your administrator does not know about these sites. So with these unblocked music streaming sites at school, university and office you can listen to your music without being noticed by anyone. Now you can just tune to any of the below-mentioned music sites unblocked and listen to the song while you are in your school.

Now put an end to your search for “unblocked music at school” as am giving you a list full of music streaming sites that are found unblocked in most of the school, college, university, office, and other workplaces. I will also give you some interesting methods of unblocking music sites in your school if any of the below-mentioned sites do not open in your school. So sit back relax and enjoy reading this article on free music unblocked sites for school.

Top Best Free Unblocked Music Sites at School, University, College, Office, and Other Work Places

Now you can listen to the song you like the most even when you are at your school and workplace because after doing research of a month I made a list of more than 10 music unblocked websites. These sites are the least popular music sites but have an extensive collection of music to satisfy your music interest. Are you excited about these free music sites not blocked? Do you know what, I am more excited than you to share these music streaming sites with you. While talking about the music we should not forget the accessories that aid in hearing music. Gramophone records and cassettes were the first items that evolved and made music listening desirable and easy. With the advancement of engineering and technology music was available in the form of CDs and DVDs and also there were memory storage items like pen drives, hard disks, etc. that aided in holding music in them permanently or temporarily.

So, let’s continue to our list of best free unblocked music websites.

1.  – Unblocked Music Websites for School

Have you heard about this website before? Most probably not. However, this is one of the best unblocked music sites for a school of 2017. Ringoen is found unblocked in most of the places, so the chances are that site is unblocked in your school or office too. Ringoen is the music streaming site with free songs to stream from anywhere. It has a huge database of latest and evergreen old songs to listen to any time.

This is also one of the cleanest free music unblocked sites I have ever seen. All the songs avail’able here are free and organized in categories. Finding a song here is not that hard thanks to its clean interface. It has all the pop[ular genres in case you want to search music here. Also, you will see all the songs are organized in alphabetical order. If you are in no mood to go through the genres or alphabets then you music click on that “Best” option. It has all the popular music at one place.

This free unblocked songs website is not just for listening to music online it also it is also one of the best music download unblocked sites because you can download your songs from the sites if you wish to. All the features and the songs you get here is enough to make this website on top of the list about unblocked music streaming sites.


  • Clean web interface for easy access to all the songs.
  • Songs can be sort by alphabet and genres.
  • Has a wide variety of genres to satisfy your music taste.
  • “Cut my song” is an awesome feature to make ringtones out of any song instantly.


  • It sometimes shows old songs in the ‘New’ songs section.

If you also want to play unblocked games at your school then please consider reading our new article about best free unblocked gaming sites.

2.– Free Unblocked Music at School (Temporarily Closed)

Zuus is another unblocked music website with a decent number of music in the database. While testing all the music sites, I found this site to be unblocked in most of the places. So, I am sure you will find this website useful to listen to songs in your school, university, College, Office, and workplaces. Zuus has music from all the popular genres. Some of the popular genres at Zuus are Pop, Rock, Country, R&B, Electronic and much more.

If you happen to listen some different kind of music, then you should try the Zuus original section. Here you will see some really interesting music from Zuus itself. Those songs are exclusively available at Zuus only. Zuus might not be as good as Spotify or any other premium sites but if you see what you are getting in an unblocked free music listening website you really can’t complain anymore.

3.– Free Music Site not Blocked

PlayListSound is one of the most underrated music streaming sites out there. This site is free but has all the features that you get with any premium music website. The cherry on the cake is this music website is mostly found unblocked in almost all the places. So, that means you can enjoy the best music experience for free that even when you are at your school or your working place. This free unblocked site has a premium looking interface with thousands of music in the database.

All the music are organized neatly within different options. The right-hand side of this site is the place where you find all the important links. It has all the new and popular songs on the homepage as well as you can browse through the different artist, genres and album from the menu itself. PlayListSound offers login and signup feature, but that is not mandatory. If you are using this website as one of the free unblocked music sites, then you shouldn’t waste your time in signup. But if you are using this free music streaming website as your go-to music website then I recommend you to create an account there. It will help you to gain access to some more features.

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  • Enjoy a premium music experience without spending a single penny.
  • ‘Top 50’ is the most updated section where you can find all the latest and popular songs.
  • Create your own Playlist and listen to your favorite songs easily.


  • Even though it has playlist option, it requires login/signup to create one playlist. This is a problem especially when you are using in your school.
  • You encounter occasional pop-up ads. It is common with most of the free sites but it can be annoying for many.

4.– Listen to the favorite music without being noticed

This is another great music website that is not blocked in most of the school. This is a user-generated music streaming site where people share their own or favorite music with others. Here you can listen to a wide range of songs in various categories and from all the popular artist. You can also upload your own song here and share with the world.


PureVolume is like a social media platform but for music. As it is a user-generated website, you can find almost every song here. No matter if you like latest songs or old evergreen songs, you will find your song here for sure. You can create an account here if you wish to but it is not mandatory here. Other than listening to music, you can even download the song you like to. This is really an interesting website for everyone looking for unblocked music sites which are not blocked as well as free. This website is completely free for the users.


  • A platform for all kind of artist (established and emerging) to upload their song for free for the users to discover and stream.
  • Being a listener you get to stream all the music for free and in some cases, the artist gives you the permission to download your favorite track.
  • Also, a social platform you as an audience or listener gets to interact with other members or artist directly.


  • The biggest con is the slow stream. I don’t know why but this site feels slow in streaming music which is found annoying.
  • It is also a pain in the ass for people who are trying to access Purevolume from mobile devices. It neither has an app nor the website optimized for mobile consumption.


There are many unblocked music websites you can find, but only a few of them is worth mentioning. BlueBeat is one of those few unblocked sites with a large music library. Here you can listen to music from almost all the popular genres. It has a large library of music, and they are constantly adding music to their database. BlueBeat is also a great place to meet new people who share the same interest with you, and you can listen to their playlist. Here with BlueBeat you can also create your own playlist and share with your friends and family.

This is not the cleanest music site ever you would see, but it is definitely a clean looking website. You can find whatever music you want to without hunting for hours. Unlike other unblocked music sites in this list, BlueBeat has its own smartphone app for those who like to enjoy music that not blocked on their smartphone.

With all these good features it also has some negative points. The very first thing is it requires adobe flash player to run. And secondly, you need to have an account to enjoy this beautiful music website. If you don’t mind to create an account here, then this is one of the best free unblocked music websites for listening music in school.


  • Create and share your own playlist (registration requires)
  • Has a large library of music from all popular and unpopular genres and artists. They are also adding new songs almost everyday.
  • BlueBeat has mobile apps for both Android and iOS platform.


  • Homepage seems too cluttered. It seems everything jam packed in one place.


Slacker is an online radio station which stores thousands of songs in the database. Slacker also is known as one of the unblocked music sites where one can listen to thousands of songs for free when they are in their school. Slacker is an online radio station which has more than 200 channels where you can listen to almost all the popular songs for free. You can listen to unlimited songs for free without creating an account. But if you decided to create an account then you will get some more features like creating your own channel, subscribing to other popular channels and much more. It is not just any other unblocked music site. This has some more features like the Sports and radio station where you can listen to the latest news or sports content for free.

Slacker has both free and paid music option. With the free account, you can listen to unlimited music, but you can only skip 6 songs per hour per station. If you are using it as an unblocked music website, then I think the free plan is enough. But you can anytime subscribe to their paid service if you wish to. You can tune to any popular channel by browsing the “Station” section, or you can use the powerful search option to search for literally any song.


  • A huge library of all kind of songs from all different artist, album, and genres.
  • Create your own playlist or station based on your artist or follow others station.
  • It also has non-music content like ESPN live, ABC new update, Weather, and sports update.
  • Its mobile app available for all platforms including Android, iOS, Windows, Ovi Store and Amazon store.


  • Slacker has redesigned it web UI, but still, I feel it is not cluttered free. They tried to fit everything on the single page.
  • Slacker is only available in the USA and Canada. If you are living outside of these two countries then this site is not unblocked for you.

More Free Unblocked Music Sites at School and Office

I have already mentioned some good unblocked music streaming sites for the school, university, and office. There are some more sites which I think should be here. Here I am listing some more free music sites not blocked by your school or office administrator.

  • Unblocked music site with built-in media player.
  • Access unlimited music from different radio stations.
  • Requires an account to use the site.

  • Best site to discover new songs and new artists.
  • huge database with all the popular and least popular songs.
  • Listen to every music without signup and for free

  • One of the cleanest unblocked music site with all latest music.
  • Browse through hundreds of thousands of latest music including songs that are released this year.
  • Find all the popular music, top songs, top artist and top album on the homepage.
  • Like every other site on this list, this one is also free.

The story at present

More modernization and innovation made music available in websites and it was a great move if the business is concerned with respect to the music industry as more or less the music industry is a consortium and collection of varied website that typically makes music easily available. They advertised music and made them more readily available to the user very easily. It served great to the users as well since some of them tended to download music which they liked immensely and preferred downloading to buying. Though it had dual side if advantage and disadvantage are concerned and had mixed response, undoubtedly it was something special and unique to make music readily available to the common people.

Problems with music made easily available

With music being so easily available, obscenity and unwanted topics also came into music and it was very undesirable for kids and impressionable minds. Moreover there entered malpractices like piracy and other heinous crimes associated with music and were the chief components posing threat to the quality and business of the music industries. It is a very common issue globally and there is always a need to block certain music sites as they are extremely unwanted in some case or the other.

In many countries, a certain website is blocked and are denied access to the users. Even in countries like India certain website are blocked and even some are expunged under strict law from the apex body of the constitution. Thus it is expected that people listen to music from Unblocked Music Sites only as they are the reliable ones and are never indulged in certain malpractices.

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Solution with unblocked music sites

The unblocked music sites are crude and genuine in terms of business is concerned. Besides listening to music it is expected from each of us that we respect music and retort to something where there is no piracy and obscenity. The chief features of unblocked music sites are:

•    They are rather certified as perfect and safe to obtain music.

•    They are safe with respect to the kids and impressionable minds since they safeguard them by not having obscenity and vulgarity in terms of the content of the music.

•    They give a tribute to the Music Company and honor the artist as well since there is no piracy and the artist, as well as the company concerned, gets its due as well.

•    Quality in terms of content is ensured.

•    All of them are free of virus and malware.

Such sites abide by the law very well and are the best sites for music hunters as well. Crude and hundred percent genuineness is ensured and music is always fun.

The Unblocked Music Sites safeguards against lot of undesirable things and makes us feel a complete responsible citizen since we do not listen to pirated music and piracy is something comparable to the art of stealing.

Parents too are freed of woes as they are harmless to the impressionable minds.

How to Unblock Every Blocked Music Sites in your School, University or Office?

Remember I told you in the first paragraph that I will show how you can unblock any blocked music sites? Here I am with all the methods that you can use to unblock almost all the blocked music sites or any other blocked websites for that matter.

Streaming music online requires a decent bandwidth that is why most of the website unblock techniques don’t help you unblock music sites. Here I will be showing couples of easy methods to find unblocked music sites free, and you can also use these methods to unblock any other websites like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter any all others.


Proxy sites are the best and easy way to unblock any blocked sites, but the problem with the proxy server is low bandwidth. Music streaming sites need more bandwidth than any other sites and this when helps you out. This is like any other proxy server with an unlimited bandwidth which is perfect for streaming sites. You can listen to unlimited songs for free with zero buffer and lag. also uses SSL to encrypt all your usages. That means you don’t have to worry about your privacy when you are on is easy to use. All you have to do is enter the URL of the music site that you want to unblock and hit enter. You will be redirected to the music site within minutes, and you can listen to your unblocked music for free there.

#2- Use VPN

VPN is the acronym for Virtual Private Network. The way it works is pretty simple. VPN divert all your internet uses to some of their own server located in a different part of the world. This helps you to access any blocked music sites for free. VPN is very much useful for all the students and employees who struggled to find some free music sites that are not blocked. You can literally unblock any blocked music sites for free. Here I am sharing VPN for both computer and mobile user.the-best-vpn-service


-VPN for Computer

If you use the internet on any computer be it PC or Mac and want to find unblocked music websites then follow this method. VPN is available for both computer and computer browser. I personally suggest you to use VPN for the browser. There is some really good VPN service available, but most of them are paid. If you want a free solution, then use either Hola VPN or Zenmate.

Once you download and install the VPN onto your computer browser, all you have to do is to activate the extension. Now select any country from the list, and you will be instantly able to access blocked sites for free.

-VPN for Smartphone

If you use your school, university or office WiFi to access music sites on your phone, then you should try using a VPN app for your smartphone. I personally use and suggest Opera VPN for smartphone users. This app is available for both Android and iOS users. Opera VPN is free and insanely fast. Perfect for listening unblocked music.

#4- Proxy Sites

Proxy is one of the best free and cheap method to unblock any blocked websites. Proxy is helpful for unblocking music listening sites for free. The only problem with the proxy sites is the low bandwidth. But there are some really awesome proxy servers with unlimited bandwidth. One of these is Hide My Ass or HMA. If you want to know more then, I suggest you to do a Google search about best proxy server 2017.

#5- Google Translate

This one might sound little odd, but Google Translate is also a great way for unblocked music in the places where most of the sites are blocked. Google Translate is the site that you will find unblocked in most of the places, and you can take advantage of that. Google translate has a hidden feature that let you translate any web page directly from the Google Translate website.

This translate feature also allows you to access any blocked website because when you translate a site, it automatically server the website from Google server thus you can access the site. To unblock music sites, you have to first visit the Google Translate website. Here type a URL that you want to access then hit translate.

Now allow Google few seconds to translate the page and server you from the Google translate itself. This trick also works with any other translate service like the Bing Translate. Here I am adding a YouTube video which shows the same in a video for better understanding.


Unblocked music sites are not better than what you get from your regular premium music streaming sites, but it is good for its purpose. You want to listen to your favorite music while you are in your school but can’t do it because all the sites are blocked in that situation these free unblocked music sites for school comes handy.

These sites are also free, so you are not paying anything extra to just listen to music for a couple of hours when you are at your school or office computer. All the sites I mentioned here are mostly found unblocked in the schools, and the reason behind is that most of the school administrator doesn’t know about these sites. These sites are not that mainstream to get the notice of your server administrator. So, you can enjoy those sites without any block warning.

If you are a student and using these sites in your school, then make sure you only listen to music when you have some free time. Don’t listen to music while you are studying that will definitely affect your studies. So please ignore music while studying.

This was it in this article for top free unblocked music sites 2017 where you can listen to your favorite music for free while you are in your school. In case any of the above mentioned free unblocked sites didn’t work for you then use the methods that I shared to unblock music sites. If you happen to know any other best unblocked music sites, then please share on the discussion panel.

I request all of you to have a look at our discussion panel to discuss your favorite unblocked music sites and help others out. Please let me know what you think about this article and how can I improve it in your comments below.

Don’t forget to share this article with your friends on social media and also don’t forget to take a look at our discussion panel.

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